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Take a look at some of our most popular talent and leadership development training programs below or contact us to discuss a tailored program for your organisation. We offer these training sessions to both organisations and to individuals - so if you currently can't access training provision at work, have a look at our events section here to read about our latest online evening classes where you can improve your management and communication skills in the comfort of your own home. Any questions? Just contact us here.

Each one focuses on the behavioural aspects of each skill, using business actors to help participants practise conversations with feedback as they go. And to find out more about who we are click here and for more on our methodology click here.

edback Skills Training

Giving feedback that produces behavioural change in a team or among colleagues can be hard. It’s vital you give the feedback but just as important that you preserve the relationship at the same time.

Do you find that after appraisals, employees regularly fall back into old habits that jeopardise the team's morale or productivity?

Do colleagues get offended when you try to offer advice?

Do you need to raise an issue with your manager but feel you’re jeopardising your career prospects if it goes wrong?


Whether you’re a manager or a team member, our ‘Giving Feedback’ 2 or 3 hour training session will give you our simple tools to build a culture of continuous improvement and create lasting behavioural change. You’ll then get time to practise them.​

Coaching and mentoring training

Coaching can be a vital tool in the manager's armoury. Often, managers veer towards a 'Tell' style to solve most problems. This can be useful of course but sometimes an 'Ask' style can give your team the motivation and engagement that 'Telling' sometimes prevents. 

Our coaching training session gives participants a simple model for structuring and delivering coaching conversations. These can be useful not only for problem solving but also career conversations, exploring what employees need and want and then how to get there. We also explore how to add in feedback and advice to move into a Mentoring role.

Leadership Training and facilitation

Our leadership & management development suite of sessions combines the key skills that are crucial for managers and leaders to inspire, engage and motivate their team. Choose from our recommended sessions to create a package that can help fill the skills gaps in your organisation. They include:

- Feedback Skills

- Mentoring and coaching

- Holding Career Conversations

- Influencing

- Conflict Resolution

We're always delighted to tailor the package for your needs, to enable your managers and leaders to practise the behaviours that will most benefit their teams.

Influencing Training for Talent Development Programs

Being able to influence team members, colleagues or managers is an important skill for any employee. It allows anyone to make their suggestions more visible and can enable career progression much more rapidly.

This training session arms participants with a simple model for assessing others' style in order to adapt their own to maximise impact, engagement and influence. We explore how different styles want information presented in different ways and how adjusting words, delivery and body language can change the path of a conversation to your advantage.


Our highly qualified, seasoned coaches recognise that every employee is unique. They work closely with individuals at all levels of seniority to cultivate a deep understanding of their strengths, areas for development and possible career paths.


Participants will gain valuable insights, navigate challenges and enhance their decision-making process enabling transformative growth and ensuring they not only meet but exceed their professional goals.

conflict resolution training courses

Are there problems within your team that you can’t seem to sort out?

Do you leave difficult issues to fester because you fear the consequences of raising them?

Do you find certain people difficult to get on with but are uncertain how to avoid conflict?


Sometimes we naturally shy away from causing conflict, or perhaps we’re too forceful in our communication style. And everyone around us reacts in different ways according to the type of person they are.

This 2 or 3 hour training session focuses on giving you the tools to prevent conversations becoming heated and counter-productive, while still assertively dealing with the issues at hand. 

Presentation Skills Training Courses

Does giving presentations scare you?

Do you find it hard to sound confident and professional?

Would you like to create a better impression when presenting or being interviewed?
If English is a second language, do you want to adjust your accent for greater clarity?

Our presentation skills training sessions can provide you with the techniques to build your confidence and make you a compelling presenter.

Interviewer and Recruitment Training Courses

It can be difficult to assess suitability for a job when we jump to judgements or tend to gravitate towards personalities we like. How can we ensure we’re being objective and interviewing in a way that produces good hiring decisions?

Do you struggle to overturn initial impressions of candidates you interview?

Have your past hires turned out very differently to how you hoped?

Do you find it hard to really explore a candidate’s experience in detail?


This training session explores how to evaluate candidates objectively and give yourself the best chance to recruit the right person.

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