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Welcome to ZEN Coaching, a leading training provider of experiential leadership, management and talent development programs tailored to every level of your organisation, from graduates to board members. With expertise in coaching and mentoring, leadership and management, conflict resolution, feedback skills, presentations, interviews and more, we deliver comprehensive solutions to empower your workforce. We're committed to the learning and development of your employees.


  • Our unwavering commitment to skills practice with expert business actors

  • Our relentless focus on the simple, effective and most immediately applicable techniques

  • Our real-world experience as managers in the corporate environment. We've been there


We firmly believe that this immersive approach is the key to embedding skills for long-term success and creating sustainable change. Through realistic simulations and interactive exercises, we ensure that your team members, managers, and leaders gain the practical experience necessary to excel in their roles.

"We don't learn to drive a car by talking about driving cars. We have to get in and try it out."

Partnering with us means gaining access to simple yet effective techniques for seamless communication and influential leadership. By honing your ability to connect with and inspire those around you, your organisation will thrive with skilled and adaptable individuals who contribute to its growth and success.

Join us on the path to excellence and discover the transformative power of our talent development programs. Equip your team with the tools they need to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Let ZEN Coaching be your trusted partner in cultivating a workforce that excels in every aspect of their professional journey.

Click here to find out why using actors and roleplay can be so uniquely useful and watch the video below for a bit more about what we do. Then book a FREE consultation here.

Tim Samuels, Founder and Director of ZEN Coaching
Tim Samuels
Founder and Director

Tim Samuels founded ZEN Coaching in 2019. With over 15 years of experience as a corporate roleplay trainer and actor, along with his time as a manager in both the private and public sectors, he has cultivated a profound understanding of how experiential learning resonates in everything we do. He's passionate about spreading the use of experiential training using actors to give delegates the chance to practise skills in a safe environment. He firmly believes that unless you feel and experience what it's like to try different behaviours and techniques, you'll never be able to change results in the long-term. After all, we don't learn to drive a car by talking about driving cars. We get in and drive them.

Tim's ultimate goal in establishing ZEN Coaching was to simplify the training process while maximising its impact. With this in mind, he has meticulously crafted our programs to equip participants with practical and effective tools for communication and influence. We are committed to ensuring that you leave our training sessions with a toolbox of strategies that you can seamlessly implement into your working life right away. He's delivered training in large organisations around the world as well as smaller local companies.

Tim is also a professional actor who has worked in film, TV and theatre. He's performed at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre and appeared on Netflix and the BBC since he graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), a world renowned drama school, in London in 2006.

Before that, Tim used his BSc in Natural Science to find roles as a manager in the Civil Service and a project manager and analyst for a market research company. He's managed in the corporate environment, he knows the issues that can arise and the challenges you face. That has given him the experience and insights he needs to identify with the people he now trains.​

Marianne Samuels, voice specialist
Marianne Samuels
Director, Presentation & Voice Consultant

Marianne Samuels is a specialist in the field of voice training.  She coaches actors, speakers and business professionals in the following areas: presentation speaking, dialect, pronunciation, production coaching and voice development.  Building spoken voice skills and vocal confidence is at the heart of what she does to empower the individual.  It is her aim to nurture vocal expression and improve personal brands.


Her client list includes professionals from Royal Shakespeare Company, Stagebox, Derby University, Nottingham Playhouse, Derby Theatre, BSkyB, Barclays, HM Revenues & Customs, NHS, London West, Ministry of Defence, British Gas, Selfridges, HSBC, RBS, Societe Generale, Zitron, Ernst & Young to name a few. She has also taught voice to doctors, dentists, childminders, healthcare practitioners, actors, presenters, undercover reporters, singers, lawyers, barristers, CEOs, salespersons, call-centre staff, managers, teachers, lecturers, students and children.


Marianne graduated with a Master’s degree in Voice Studies from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama; London’s highly acclaimed, world renowned institution for voice training. She holds a BA Hons in Media Arts from Royal Holloway University of London, a diploma in leadership and management.  Marianne is a trained dancer, actor and singer, a certified yoga instructor and vocal yoga teacher.

You can see more about her here:

Our Associates

Our associates are all highly skilled, knowledgeable and friendly professionals with many years experience delivering communication and behavioural change in global organisations. ZEN Coaching take great pride in their ability to work with all types of people and find the key interventions that will work for them, immediately. 

Niall MacGregor, associate facilitator at ZEN Coaching
Niall Macgregor
Facilitator & Coach

Niall is a facilitator and coach with over fifteen years experience. In his own career, Niall has also been an army officer, a professional actor and a full-time stay-at-home dad of four.  Like those he coaches, Niall knows how it is to lead through uncertainty, to perform under pressure, and to balance a busy home-life with the demands of work and managing a career. As a facilitator, Niall brings all of that experience, and more, into the room to ensure delegates learn and develop but also that they have a fun, experiential time.


Niall attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst at an early stage in his career, where he learned a huge amount about himself as a leader.  He is passionate now about helping other leaders to recognise and acknowledge what they are good at; to build confidence in themselves; to be goal-focused; and to take small steps when working on big personal challenges.

Elizabeth Boag, actor and facilitator at ZEN Coaching
Elizabeth Boag
Facilitator, Actor & Coach

Elizabeth has worked as a roleplayer since 2006, working with many renowned clients across the globe. As a facilitator, Elizabeth has delivered workshops on feedback, coaching, interview technique,motivational theory, transactional analysis, presentation skills and workplace communication courses using the Insights behavioural model. She is happy working with many other models including AID, GROW, SARA and the Forton Group Coaching model.


Elizabeth is a qualified executive coach (ILM level 7) working with clients from myriad areas including entertainment, finance, project management, the cycling industry, marketing, architecture and graphic design; she has a 2:1 degree in English and French with a distinction in spoken French and she is an excellent communicator.

Elizabeth has worked as an actor in theatre, film, television and radio since 2002. Alongside that, she has also worked in industry, with 6 years' experience in a high-pressure Customer Service
environment as a Property Manager for a top London Estate Agent. Prior to that she spent two years in the French wine industry leading a team of face-to-face sales agents, whilst also fulfilling the roles of hostess and event organiser. 
Elizabeth is currently a tutor in Acting for Recorded Media at Coventry University, Scarborough



We want you to be able to walk out the door and implement the techniques we recommend immediately, so we present the best, simple ideas that we've seen influence people and change behaviour.


We've seen our techniques work across this country and around the globe. They can be used by anyone, regardless of seniority. They enable you to influence others and to create an environment more conducive to productivity. That's why we don't spend hours just talking about them, we give you plenty of time to practise through our roleplay. 


ZEN Coaching want to tailor their ideas to best suit you and your organisation. As actors, we can think on our feet and challenge you in the ways that will produce the most learning. As trainers, we can present our ideas within a context that you recognise and can relate to. 

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