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Unleashing the Potential of Leadership & Management Development Training

At ZEN Coaching, we believe in the power of experiential communication (or soft skills) training and the transformative impact it can have on individuals, leaders and organisations. Our unique approach revolves around harnessing the talents of skilled actors to bring real-life scenarios to life in our talent development programs. It leads to much higher rates of retention of the information for longer. Nobody wants to waste time and money on learning and development that doesn't work, and if experiential training isn't part of that, the likelihood is that's exactly what's happening. 


Extensive research, including a recent study by McKinsey (which you can more read about here), supports the profound benefits of this approach, revealing that we retain an astounding 66% or more of the information learned through experiential learning, in stark contrast to the mere 10% retained from traditional classroom methods. Furthermore, experiential learning has been found to be the most effective method of adult learning - there's more about that from McKinsey here too. And just as Forbes recommends here - training needs to be 80-90% application and only 10-20% theory. The evidence shows - use it or lose it, and using it only on the job is risky. Much better to try it out in a risk-free environment with real-time feedback first.

What sets roleplay training apart is its ability to engage our emotions and tap into our innate capacity to empathise and connect. When we actively participate in simulated situations, we not only intellectually understand concepts and techniques but also feel the impact of different behaviours and responses. This emotional engagement enhances our memory retention and enables us to recall and apply our learning more readily. Without this immersive experience, research shows that incredibly, we tend to forget approximately 75% of what we learn within a mere six days (read more about that in Harvard Business Review here). Roleplay therefore becomes an essential tool in embedding lasting changes in behaviour and techniques.

By immersing ourselves in lifelike scenarios guided by skilled actors, we provide a safe and supportive environment for our participants to experiment, practice, and refine their skills. Through this hands-on approach, you will gain invaluable insights into your own strengths and areas for development, as well as enhance your ability to navigate complex real-world situations with confidence and finesse.

Our methodology is meticulously designed to ensure that you not only acquire knowledge but also internalise it, transforming it into actionable skills that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily interactions. We go beyond theoretical concepts and empower you with practical tools and strategies that yield immediate results. Our immersive roleplay experiences will leave you feeling empowered, equipped, and inspired to make a lasting impact in both your personal and professional spheres.

Join us on this transformative journey and discover how roleplay can revolutionise the way you learn, grow, and thrive.

We don't often, if ever, get to practise conversations we might have at work. Just as driving a car requires us to actually sit in a car and try driving, so our conversations at work require us, at some point, to try them out. Without practice, we're relying on luck and goodwill to see us through. We provide a safe, authentic, no-risk environment to try different approaches, different styles and see the results instantly. 
Our experienced actors can let you know the things we often don't ever get to see or hear. How did your approach make them feel? Was it motivating? Which parts of the conversation really connected with them? With roleplay training, you can hear back exactly how your conversation is landing, instantly, with no consequences.
At ZEN Coaching we want you to feel safe and in control. You can rewind, start again, try out a whole new approach in a way that is entirely impossible in real life. It's an incredible opportunity.
Perhaps you find certain types of people more difficult to talk to than others? Do assertive, loud, fast-talking team members make you nervous? Roleplay allows you to ask our actors to adjust how they react, how they speak, so that you can authentically challenge yourself and crucially, to learn how small adjustments in your style can make all the difference.


So what might you expect to see during our sessions? 
We use scenes played out in front of delegates to demonstrate how conversations can go wrong, and most importantly, how they can be improved. Our actors will take on board suggestions from the floor so you can see improvements in front of you.
We can roleplay as your manager, your employee or your colleague. We know the word 'roleplay' can produce anxiety, which is why we make it a fun, safe environment where you remain in control. You can rewind, press pause and modify the conversation as many times as you like. Practice makes perfect. It's your time.
The majority of your time with us will always be practising, it's the best way to learn. We'll make sure you have plenty of time to actually have those conversations you find difficult so that they can provide better outcomes for you and your organisation.
Take a look at our blog posts to see some more hints and tips you can use immediately. For a look at some of our most popular programs take a look here. And if you want to book a FREE consultation to discuss how we can help you, just click here.
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