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Task vs Relationship: Leadership, Management & Talent Development Training Tips

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

We're always looking to see how the simple view can benefit people at work. Leadership, management and talent development training often involves identifying the focus of the person in front of you to help with influencing them.

Here's an example of just that - thinking of those around you as either task or relationship focused can help influence and engage them. Why? Because if you tap in to what they find interesting, what resonates with them, they'll be more likely to listen.

When might this be useful?

1. Feedback Conversations: You might describe the impact of behaviour in terms of how it affects others in the team for someone you know is relationship focussed

2. Influencing your manager: You might concentrate the conversation on the results and goals of your new idea (rather than how it might be perceived)

This little shortcut to assess the types around you helps to simplify interactions and enables you to more easily adjust your delivery to suit the situation.

Leadership, Management & Talent Development Training: Difference between Task and Relationship focus
Task vs Relationship in Management Development Training

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