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Some quick, easy tips: Management, Talent and Leadership Development

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Here's 3 quick, easy tips to help managers this week in their Management, Talent and Leadership Development. Try them out and let us know how it goes.

1. Struggling to get an employee to open up about a problem or to describe their thoughts? RIDE THE SILENCE just that little bit longer than normal. Resist the urge to jump in to suggest an explanation or solution. Wait. Quite often they'll fill the silence for you.

2. Trying to use a coaching style but finding it hard to think of the next question? Try T.E.D. statements.

Tell me more about that.....

Explain to me.....

Describe to me.....

Easy to remember and very useful.

3. Wondering why feedback isn't hitting home or behaviours are continuing after several meetings? Make sure you DESCRIBE THE IMPACT of their actions in terms that will be most resonant for them - for instance, are they more worried about promotion prospects or how people feel about them as a result? Some people are unaware of the impact they're having and need it spelt out. Or, they justify their behaviour so need reminding of what the consequence is for them if it continues.

Good luck with your conversations!

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