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From Stage to Boardroom - Interview with Niamh Cusack - Leadership & Management Development Training

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Leadership in Development Training

We can gain invaluable insights into business leadership from the director-actor relationship. We're thrilled to share that we had the honour of sitting down for a chat with the renowned actress Niamh Cusack to delve into the fascinating dynamics of the director-actor relationship and its relevance to business management and leadership and talent development training programs.

Niamh shares her wisdom, acquired from years of collaborating with talented directors and reveals the essential ingredients that make this bond thrive. Discover how you, as a leader or manager, can elevate the performance of both individuals and teams, ultimately driving success in any setting.

Watch below as we explore:

- What makes a director able to inspire actors and maximise their potential?

- How fostering a supportive and collaborative approach can empower those in your team

- Preparing to present: How to offset those nerves and deliver impact to an audience

- The importance of giving feedback and its effects

- Authenticity as a leader and why it helps

Let us know your thoughts too. Let's start a conversation that merges the acting and business worlds to give us all powerful lessons that can help you right now.

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